The CTMOM Steering Committee works tirelessly throughout the year
planning to make our mission a success.

CTMOM Central Steering Committee

Ms. Josephine De Lucia Bicknell, Executive Director
Dr. Brad Heim, Co-Chair
Mr. Kevin Korengel, Central Supply Chair
Ms. Rose C. Lawlor, Program Coordinator
Dr. Laurence Levy, Co-Chair
Dr. Kevin Norige, Co-Chair
Dr. Michael Perl, Co-Chair
Dr. Robert Schreibman, Clinic Consultant
Dr. Ernest Spira, Co-Chair
Dr. Bruce Tandy, Co-Chair
Dr. Eric Whidden, Co-Chair

CTMOM Steering Committee

Dr. Ron Albert
Dr. Brendan Dolan
Dr. Alan Weiss
Anesthesia Student Coordinators
Central Supply
Mr. Kevin Korengel
Clinic Consultant
Dr. Robert Schreibman
Executive Director
Ms. Josephine Bicknell
Communications/Publicity/Media Relations
Ms. Mary Coursey
Ms. Randi Sussman
Community Health Center Liaisons
Ms. Celia Meyer
Dental Equipment Service Technicians
Mr. Joseph Mugford
Dental Hygiene
Ms. Maria Cholewinski, RDH
Dental Triage
Dr. Colleen Catera
Dr. William Nash
Mr. Garrett Ludwig
Dr. Robert Balla
Dr. Bruce Cha
Dr. Laurence Levy
Dr. Ernest Spira
Mr. Gabriel Izraelevitz
Dr. Michael Perl
Ms. Catherine Bocciarelli
Ms. Beth Iacampo
Mr. Lou Iacampo
Mr. Randy McKenney
Ms. Susan Tandy

Patient Education Student Coordinators

Mr. Jon Northway
Mr. Vanik Asatourian
Mr. Christopher Noga
Ms. Kristina Diamond
Dr. Jonathan Knapp
Medical Triage
Dr. Suzanne Lagarde
Ms. Emily Stagg, APRN
Ms. Kimberly Tschetter, PA
Oral Surgery
Dr. Lawrence Ryan
Dr. Daniel Saunders

Oral Surgery Student Coordinators

Dr. Walter McGinn
Dr. John Mooney
Dr. Gary Ross
Mr. Paul Venti

Patient Line/Crowd Control
Ms. Linda Alexander
Mr. Robert Bicknell
Dr. Walter McGinn
Dr. Gary Ross
Patient Registration/Data Entry
Ms. Karen Wright
Ms. Heather Sullivan
Patient Flow Coordinators
Mr. Bob Bicknell
Patient Routing
Jewels Hadman, RDH,EMT
Dr. Janice Hunt
Dr. Laura Miner
Dr. Gregory Mokotoff
Dr. Sarah R. Swiatek, Pharm.D. R.Ph
Post Op/Data Entry
Mr. Gabriel Izraelevitz
Ms. Christine Solazzo
Post Clinic Emergency Care
Dr. Cheryl Sobieraj Wadhwa
Professional/Community Volunteers
Dr. Gerald Alexander
Ms. Linda Alexander
Mr. Peter Jeffrey
Ms. Shirley Jeffrey
Dr. Cheryl Sobieraj Wadhwa
Dr. Fred Thal
Dr. John Conroy
Dr. Frederick Landy
Dr. Shawn Zahner
Dr. Thomas Brady
Kathy Doten, RDH
Dr. Brian Duchan
Betty LaCasse, RDH
Karin Lee-Cholewa, RDH
Lorrie Little, RDH
Mr. Ryan Zager
Dr. Sandra Chau
Dr. Alfred Fusco
Dr. Thomas Getreuer
Dr. Dennis Teeking
Dr. Steven Hall
Ms. LuAnn Izraelevitz, RDH
Ms. Susan Lackman, RDH
Ms. Lisa Swain, RDH
Veteran Outreach Coordinator
Dr. Eve Marie Perugini, Ph.D.
Volunteer Registration
Ms. Kathie Cepetelli