We Can’t Do It Without You! The CFDO offers a number of opportunities to support CTMOM. Your gift, at any level, will change lives.

Sponsorships allow your organization to get your company name in front of dental and health professionals, community volunteers, and patients. You will be acknowledged on the large donor posters at the clinic.

Thank you to all of our
CTMOM Free Dental Clinic Sponsors and Donors!

Diamond level

Platinum level

Titanium level

Barbara Ellen Miller Charitable Fund

Rapoport Family Fund

Gold level

Chester Kitchings Family Foundation

Mr. George W. Whelen

Silver level

Boehringer Ingelheim Cares Foundation

Cascade Foundation

Stanley D. and Hinda N. Fisher Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving

Beatrice Fox Auerbach Foundation Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving

Jeffrey S. Hoffman

Bronze level

Auerbach Schiro Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. E. Clayton Gengras, Jr.
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Kathy Grummon
International College of Dentist Inc., First District Chapter
Gabriel & LuAnn Izraelevitz
Dr. Laurence & Mrs. Vera Levy
Luisa Piemontese
Bob Wilson Media*

Champions level

Air Techniques*
Robert & Josephine Bicknell
GC America*
HPTC Compliance Training Partners*
Ms. Joan Howard
Dr. Stanley & Mrs. Romy Lee


SciCan, Inc.*
Sultan Healthcare*
Unitex Textile*
Vista Dental Products*
Dr. Ernest Spira
Dr. Cheryl Sobieraj Wadhwa

Supporters level

Advanced Periodontics
Dr. John Agar
Dr. Valerie Alessandro
Dr. Gerald & Mrs. Linda Alexander
Dr. Ryaz Ansari
Dr. Maryam Azadpur
Dr. Scot Bialik
Mr. John Beck
Dr. Joann Paiva-Borduas
Susan Boyan & Bruce Johnson
Dr. David Caron
Chatham Catering*
Dr. Bruce Cha
Dr. John Conroy
Dr. Judith Cordero
Dr. Milhail Cotzas
Dr. Charles A. Crape
Dr. Adam Daniels
Dr. Barbara Devine
Dr. Brian Duchan
Edge Endo*
Dr. Kenneth Endres
Dr. Melanie Fatone
Dr. Salvatore Florio
Ms. Mary Fournier
Dr. David Fried
Dr. Valentina Gage
Mr. Peter Gottschalk
Dr. Deborah Griffin
Dr. Robert Hall
Dr. John Hambrook
Dr. Jonathan Korn
Dr. Anna Karidas 
Dr. Eileen Kirschbaum

Dr. Ronald Kirschbaum
Dr. Frederick Landy
Dr. Tam Le
Dr. Maryann Lehmann
Dr. Roland Lupien
Dr. Alan Lurie
Dr. Gregory McKenna
Dr. Paul McKenna
Dr. Kevin McLaughlin
Dr. Gregory Mokotoff
Dr. William Nash
Dr. Peter Nelson
Dr. Kevin Norige
Dr. Mary Randall
Dr. Richard Risinger
Dr. Jeffrey Rosow
Dr. Joel Rosenlicht
Dr. Todd Rubin
Claire and Carl Strand
Dr. Helene Strazza
Dr. David Stebbins
Dr. David Thibault
Dr. Robert VanWyck
Dr. James Watts

Friends level

Dr. Dominck Agostin
Dr. Kvashenka Alena
Dr. Jason Alliger
Dr. Eliabeth Alligood
Dr. Maryam Azadpur
Dr. Jeffery Babushkin
Dr. Peter Bauer
Dr. Nicole Becker
Dr. Tris Carta
Rich Cascio
Michael & Kathie Cepetelli
Dr. Venu Chimmiri
Congregational Church of
East Hampton, CT
Mr. Robert Collins
Dr. Deidre Condon
Dr. Stephen Coppola
Dr. Judith Cordero
Dr. Charles Crape
Dr. John Crocamo
Dr. Betsy Crosswell
Dr. Annemarie Delessio-Matta
Dr. Mark Desrosiers
Dr. Salvatore Florio
Dr. Joseph Gargano
Dr. Ted Gargano

Dr. Shashi Ghodake
Dr. Eric Gladstein
Dr. Joshua Goldman
Dr. Robert Goldman
Dr. Larry Gottlieb
Dr. Karina Goykman
Dr. John Hambrook
Dr. Gregory Haroian
Bill Helveston
Dr. Bethany Horbal
Dr. Ross Katkowski
Dr. Sajjad Khan
Dr. Robert Kiel
Dr. Eileen Kirschbaum
Dr. Ronald Kirschaum
Dr. David Kusovitsky
Dr. Harold Lambert
Dr. Fredrick Landy
Doug Mackeown
Dr. Thomas Matyas
Dr. Gregory McKenna
Randy McKenney
Dr. Daniel McLennon
Barbara Moore
Dr. Peter Nelson

Dr. Lawrence Neuteither
William O’Meara
Dr. Rupal Patel
Dr. Mary Pergiovanni
Dr. Carl Prota
Dr. Edward Raccio
Dr. Patricia Richard
Dr. Richard Risinger
Dr. Alan Rissolo
Dr. Joel Rosenlicht
Dr. Gary Ross
Shoreline Periodontics, PC
Dr. Steven Rothenberg
Dr. Khan Sajjad
Dr. Michael Serow
Dr. Steven Sideris
Dr. Kimbal Sheffield
Dr. Richard Snayd
Dr. Helene Strazza
Dr. Monica Teredesai
Dr. David Thibault
Dr. Gary Toubman
Dr. Howard Tunick
Dr. Perry Wasserlauf
Dr. Frank Zarkowsky

CTMOM Media Partners

CTMOM Partners

America’s Dentists Care Foundation
Community Health Center Association of Connecticut
Community Health Centers, Inc.
CT AHEC – Connecticut Area Health Education Center
Connecticut Education Association, Inc
CT AHEC Network AmeriCorps
COHI – Connecticut Oral Health Initiative
Connecticut State Dental Association
UConn Health
UConn Oral Pathology Biopsy Service
UConn School of Dental Medicine