Sue Lackman, RDH

Since the first day I volunteered as a dental assistant at CTMOM 2010 Middletown, CTMOM and all it stands for grabbed my heart. I had no idea what I was about to be a part of that day. It was an amazing, huge, comforting, inspiring, soul-touching and humbling experience.

I continue to volunteer for CTMOM in the Sterilization Department as a Co-Lead. Prior to CTMOM, I never knew just how much volunteering would change my life and fill my heart. I have seen people who were getting new partials or other dental procedures, crying because of how grateful they were and how much this will make a difference their lives.

I enjoy not only helping others, but also the camaraderie and team work that goes along with it. Through CTMOM, I’ve met some of the most amazing people. I am honored to work alongside them.

It is overwhelming to see the amount of selfless people pouring hours and days into making each event fun smoothly. I think everyone feels this incredible energy that is present at every event. This is evident by many patients asking to volunteer, sometimes the very next day!

I enthusiastically told my co-worker and friend Bonnie Goodman, who works with me in North Conway, NH (a good 5 hours from any mid-points in CT) all about CTMOM. She made the long drive down to volunteer. Despite living a few states and hours away, Bonnie enjoyed her experience so much, she signed up right away for the following year’s event.

Volunteering lights a beautiful fire within. Together we can make a difference!

—Sue Lackman, RDH

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