PPE Donation

CT Mission of Mercy Free Dental Clinic Donates Their Entire Stock of Protective Personal Equipment (PPE) to the Covid-19 Fight

Southington, CT – March 25, 2020 The Connecticut Foundation for Dental Outreach (CFDO) has donated 25,000 surgical/procedure masks, 40 cases of gloves, 23 cases of surface disinfectant wipes, 15 cases of disposable gowns, 80 (2 liter) bottles of hand sanitizer, all meant for the Connecticut Mission of Mercy Free Dental Clinic (CTMOM) to the State of Connecticut, Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management and other healthcare agencies to aid the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The annual 2-day clinic, which serves nearly 2,000 individuals who are in need of dental care and can’t afford the cost of services, planned for March 20-21, was cancelled due to the pandemic.

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